Young Hearts First Aid's parent company, Hero Headquarters, is a nationwide registered training organisation based in Melbourne, Victoria.


When first registered in 2013, Hero HQ’s fundamental vision was to make a measurable difference to the level of first aid skills in industry and the wider community, while also offering a unique and refreshing approach that completely transforms traditional first aid education methods.


Shortly after entering the corporate first aid industry, company directors Nikki Jurcutz and Rachael Waia saw a gap in the market where our young Australians were being left behind in regards to first aid education. 

At Young Hearts, we believe that all teenagers deserve to live fun, safe and healthy lives and that the best way to achieve this is through quality first aid training and education.


Young Hearts is on a mission to create a measurable impact on the health and safety of young Australian adults through first aid.

Our Story

Let's do this!


Paramedic's Perspective

“As a paramedic with Ambulance Victoria, time and time again I found myself speaking with teenagers who were unsure, scared and reluctant to give us information. There is a common misconception from teenagers that information passed onto paramedics will be relayed to police or family. This is untrue, with only exceptional circumstances requiring us to do so.


This myth is costing the lives of our youth.


The Young Hearts program has been developed to educate and empower teenagers with the vital knowledge and skills to actively identify an emergency and respond. The need for a course that educates school children became overwhelming apparent after I attended a situation involving several teenagers, one of which was unconscious. It was clear that the unconscious teenager was under the influence of illicit drugs however when his friends were questioned they denied this adamantly. It was clear that these friends were trying to protect the victim, but ultimately by not giving the information this young man lost his life.


Through Young Hearts, it is our vision to ensure no young lives are lost. No Young Heart will stop beating due to lack of education. .”


- Nikki Jurcutz, CEO of Young Hearts